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Victoria Boone, ART CONSULTANT2014

    Victoria Boone has been an visual arts administrator and educator since 1980.  Her Masters in Museum Administration, from the University of Oklahoma focused on administrating contracts, grants, educational programs, public art, art competitions and museum projects. Boone Visual Arts focuses on helping people and organizations with  different programs to renew their mission.

     Ms. Boone has served as a curator and administrator at Belmont University, Watkins College of Art and the Tennessee Arts Commission.  These fine institutions enabled   her to master the skills and expertise she now offers her private clientele.    

     Ms. Boone’s work as a consultant benefits artists and art lovers.  For instance, the City of Chattanooga contracted Ms. Boone to write the city’s art in public spaces guidelines for the Mayor’s new Public Art initiative called “Art in the City”.  Ms. Boone facilitated the panel meetings and also served as the lead juror for the Mayor’s City Council Purchase Awards.  Boone Visual Arts offers management services to artists, collectors and organizations as they plan agendas and renew their mission. 

       An avid traveler, Ms. Boone has traveled throughout the United States, Europe and India studying art, symbols, and art history.

    Let her experience and knowledge help you and your organization with an advanced mission.

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