Victoria Boone,  Artist                                                          

My new series of paintings is a reflection of the STRING THEORY. This physics theory examines the idea that all matter is made from vibrating strands (called strings). This theory is a theory of UNIFICATION. It summaries my belief that all life is interconnected—a reason I use symbols from many cultures, including my own made up language. Art Resume

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Layers of Gravity, written in The Tennessean Newspaper, states that Boone invented her symbols when she was a teen.  Instead of using words, symbols represented the people, lovers and plots she chronicled.  Today, these symbols number in the hundreds as representations of friends, family and the art community.   Boone continues to study semiology.  Many cultures and ancient systems consider writing as divine. The symbols are reminiscent of ancient hieroglyphics in shape and fluidity, but they are not daunting in deciphering. “I try to make them universally understood-so simple that when you look at them there is a primal reaction.”